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Transformers Fall of Cybertron Walkthrough Part 34 - Chapter 12

Check out part 34 and join the war between the Autobots and Decepticons in Activisions' newest release, Transformers: Fall of Cybertron


Grimlock: This will do.

Snarl: Snarl is leaking bad.

Grimlock: Find something to stabilize him.

Swoop: Here Snarl, that'll hold you for a bit.

Snarl: Yeah, that'll work.

Narrator: Shockwave's log. Now that the nemesis is ready for launch, Megatron can proceed with his exploration of the target planet.

Grimlock: Shockwave.

Door: Access denied.

Grimlock: Stupid door!

Swoop: Look at that.

Snarl: This must be an observation deck. Look at these energy readings.

Grimlock: Tower's off the scale.

Snarl: Grimlock, the Decepticons are using that tower to rip open a portal in space. We gotta notify Optimus.

Grimlock: No, I can handle this.

Snarl: But I already . . .

Optimus Prime: Grimlock, is that you? You're alive. We feared the worst. Are you all right?

Grimlock: Shockwave is opening a space bridge to another world rich with energy.

Optimus Prime: We cannot allow Megatron to plunder another world the way he has Cybertron.

Grimlock: For once, we agree.

Optimus Prime: Return to base. We will face this together.

Grimlock: You're weak, Optimus. You run when you should fight. I'm taking the space bridge down.

Optimus Prime: Grimlock, wait!

Snarl: This whole place is coming apart.

Grimlock: Take Snarl, get out of here. I'll lower the blast shield.

Swoop: It's too dangerous!

Grimlock: Go! Must lower shield! You're crazy.

Swoop: Hey, we Dinobots got to stick together.

Grimlock: We need to get to the tower!

Swoop: Hold on tight!

Decepticon: Keep an eye on them.

Decepticon: There they are!

Swoop: Rockets!

Grimlock: Gah! I'm not your decoy, Swoop.

Swoop: What the-, now these things are out of control!

Decepticon: Shoot it!

Grimlock: Ha! Puny Decepticon.

Decepticon: I have a target in sight!

Grimlock: Sniper! Faster, Swoop!

Decepticon: Don't let them through! Shockwave's experiment is in a crucial phase!

Grimlock: I'd [inaudible 00:03:58], Swoop.

Swoop: Oh really?

Grimlock: Yes, the tower is up ahead. Watch the rockets! Go on! Take those Cons out already!

Swoop: Working on it! Brace yourself!

Grimlock: Swoop, look out!

Swoop: Too much wind! We're going down! Aaaahh!

Grimlock: Swoop? Swoop! Coming for you, Shockwave!

Decepticon: You'll be damned, Autobot!

Grimlock: [inaudible 00:05:16]

Grimlock: He's bigger than they usually are. He'll break just the same!

L: Your armor, weak on the back.

Grimlock: So much rage is on! Shockwave, you're finished!

Shockwave: You didn't think I'd build something so powerful such as you and not have a way to control it. Now, sit there like a good pet while I finish my work. Megatron, I have successfully opened the bridge to the target world. The portal is stable . . .

Grimlock: Kill you.

Shockwave: . . . and ready for you.

Megatron: Excellent, Shockwave. Trypticons, convert.

Grimlock: No one controls Grimlock!

Shockwave: Impossible.

Grimlock: So much rage! You're finished!

Narrator:Structural integrity compromised. Evacuate! Evacuate!

Grimlock: [inaudible 00:09:48], tower's coming down! No!

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