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How to Return a Badminton Serve

Learn how to return a serve in badminton from New York City Badminton's Chris Awong in this Howcast video.


Now I'd like to say a couple words about the Return a Serve.

Basically, you'll want to have your knees slightly bent with your nondominant leg forward and your dominant arm raised to the level of your eye so that you're ready to hit the shuttle as quickly as possible. You want to have your knees slightly bent so that you're ready to move in any direction.

Now remember, your opponent can either serve short or they can flick it over your head. So you've got to be ready to move forward aggressively and attack or move backwards and retrieve the shuttle.

When you're in a position to return serve you're typically in an offensive position. You're in an attacking position. You want to keep that shuttle down all the time and keep your opponent in a defensive position.

Now, Chibin is going to demonstrate the return of serve stance. As you will notice, the stance really is a neutral position. You've got to be half expecting a short serve and half expecting a flick serve. You've got to be ready to move forward or backwards in a split second.

And that's your Return a Serve position.

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