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How to Do a Badminton Forehand Drive Shot

Learn how to do the forehand drive shot from New York City Badminton's Chris Awong in this Howcast video.


Another very useful shot in badminton is the forehand drive shot, which is essentially a very flat and offensive shot. It is very useful if the shuttle is a little bit too low to smash. But yet, you don't want to raise the shuttle or lift the shuttle.

A couple of ways to hit the drive is to hit it away from your opponent. Or equally as effective, you can hit it directly to your opponent's body, also making it very awkward for him to return the shuttle. In order to hit the drive, you're going to have to bend your knees as usual and keep the racquet in front of you in a somewhat neutral position. And it's important to maintain a neutral position because the shuttle could come to you in either direction, either your backhand or your forehand and it's a very rapid shot, so you have to react very quickly. This. This. This. Like this.

The forehand or backhand drive is a very fast-paced shot, one in which the shuttle does not go very far above the net. This makes it very difficult for your opponent to smash the shuttle and hence, it is considered to be a fairly attacking, offensive shot.

That's your basic forehand backhand drive shot.

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