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How to Do a Badminton Smash Shot

Learn how to do the smash shot from New York City Badminton's Chris Awong in this Howcast video.


Now, I like to say a couple of words about the overhead smash. As the name suggests it's a high power shot in which you smash the shuttle downwards and at a very high rate of speed, resembles very much the overhead drop and after hitting from a high point and you are hitting it downward very hard. The motion is similar to an overhead clearance, similar to an overhead drop in that you turn your shoulder's first, you start the rotation with the elbow and you make contact when the shuttle is in front of you or directly overhead and then you bring it downward very rapidly. So, lets take a look at Shibing hit some overhead smashes. As you notice Shibing is hitting with a lot of power and he is hitting downwards. Just an interesting thing about the smash, the smash in badminton will go very fast. At the professional level smashes have been timed as much as 206 miles/hour. And that's basically how you do an overhead smash.

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