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How to Do a Badminton Cut Smash Shot aka Slice

Learn how to do a cut smash shot from NYC Badminton's Chris Awong in this Howcast video. Thumbnail: badminton simple féminins dames by alainalele/Flickr


I want to say a couple words about the slice, or the Cut Smash. Like the term suggests, you're actually not hitting the shuttle flat, but you're hitting it at an angle. So that when you hit it, a couple of things are going to happen. The shuttle is going to slow down dramatically because you're not hitting it flat, and the shuttle is going to travel at a very deceptive angle. And that's really the purpose you hit a slice or a Cut Smash, so you can deceive your opponent. Your opponent is going to expect a much faster smash and it's going to throw them off guard. So now Chebing is going to demonstrate the slice or the Cut Smash. If you listen closely to the shuttle when the racquet makes contact with it, it actually doesn't sound like your classic smash. You don't hear the pop. You're actually hearing a very whooshing slicing sound. And that's the best way to tell that the shuttle is being sliced instead of hitting straight on. And that's your slice or your Cut Smash.

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