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How to Long Serve in Badminton

Learn how to do a long serve from New York City Badminton's Chris Awong in this Howcast video.


Okay, the next topic of discussion is the serve. You can have a long serve or a short serve. The classic long serve is, I like to compare it to a golf swing, where if I'm right handed I put my left foot forward, I'm holding the shuttle in my hand, I drop the shuttle. And when the shuttle reaches close to the bottom of my racquet I make contact with the racquet and then I continue my upward motion swing. So I'm going to do it in a little bit faster motion.

And you want to have a nice range of motion so you maximize your power that way. And again, the purpose of a long serve is to hit it diagonally, like tennis, all the way to the baseline of the other side, particularly for singles.

The major difference between a tennis serve and a badminton serve is that in badminton it is an upward swing and you hit toward the ceiling essentially. Also, it's very important in the rules of badminton to have the correct serve or you else can be faulted or lose the point directly as a result of your serve. So Chibin is going to demonstrate your long serve.

You'll notice that the shuttle is reaching close to the level of the ceiling. And the purpose of the shot is to hit it over your opponent's head so that he has less ability to smash the shuttle and to get it, like I mentioned, close to the baseline on the other side of the court.

You can also vary the long serve by serving more offensively. In which case you serve a little bit lower but you serve a little bit faster to try to get your opponent off balance. Now Chibin will demonstrate the more attacking serve.

You have to be careful when you do this type of serve because when you focus on hitting it lower, there's a higher chance that you may hit it long or outside the court.

And that's your long serve.

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