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How to Do a Badminton Attacking Clear aka Offensive Clear

Learn how to do the attacking clear shot, aka offensive clear, from New York City Badminton's Chris Awong in this Howcast video.


While we're on the topic of the overhead clear, it's worth mentioning that there are two basic types of clears. There's the defensive clear, in which you hit the shuttle as high as possible, and it gives the player a chance to get back in the court. You can also have an offensive clear, also known as an attacking clear, and that shot; it's an overhead clear, but instead of hitting the shuttle all the way to the ceiling, you hit it a lot flatter and a lot lower. So Chibing is going to demonstrate the attacking or offensive clear. The attacking clear is a lot lower than the regular defensive clear, and the purpose of this shot is to throw your opponent off balance, especially when your opponent is expecting a different shot, such as a dropped shot or a smash. And that's basically how you hit an attacking or offensive clear.

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