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How to Do a Net Drop in Badminton

Learn how to do a net drop from New York City Badminton's Chris Awong in this Howcast video.


Now I'd like to say a couple of words about the net drop. It's a very useful shot if your opponent is all the way in the back and he drops it to you towards the net and you want to drop it back to him while he's all the way at the back of the court.

If you're right handed like me, and like I suppose most players are, you have a dominant arm and a dominant leg. You always want to lunge with your dominant leg forward and then stab the net - kind of like fencing if you've ever seen fencing. Bend that knee and stick that racket out. That's forehand. Backhand is similar, right knee, dominant leg forward, and you stick that racket out. Okay? Again, you want to try to get contact with the shuttle as close to the top of the net as possible so you minimize the travel of the shuttle upwards.

So let's take a look at Chibin hit some beautiful drop shots. In this particular case Chibin is left handed and therefore his dominant leg is his left leg. Notice that he's leading always with his left dominant leg whether he hits it on his backhand or his forehand side. And also notice that he's making contact with the shuttle as close to the top of the tape as possible. If he waits until the shuttle goes too low there's less control and a bigger potential for his opponent to smash it down on him. Also, notice that after Chibin hits each net drop shot he's always returning to his base, and the base is, like I mentioned before, is right somewhere in the middle of the court closer to the net. Right where the T is. And also, you want to try to get the shuttle as close to the top of the net as possible to minimize your opponent's ability to smash you.

And that's your classic net drop shot.

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