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How to Return a Smash in Badminton

Learn how to return a smash from New York City Badminton in this Howcast video.


The next topic of discussion is the return of a smash. This is very advanced depending on how hard your opponent is smashing, but essentially, you want to crouch. Sometimes the lower, the better. Bend your knees, racket in front of you. Sometimes you want to have a neutral grip, which means neither a back hand or neither a fore hand, because a smash could come really anywhere. It could come to your body, it could come to your back hand, it could come to your fore hand. So you have to be ready to move your racket instinctively in any direction, any range of motion.

Chibing is going to demonstrate the return of a smash. If you'll notice, Chibing is crouched low, and he's returning smashes from pretty much anywhere, including some very fancy shots there behind his back.

So that's basically how you return a hard smash.

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