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How to Do Badminton Footwork Drills

Learn badminton footwork drills from New York City Badminton's Chris Awong in this Howcast video.


Another popular training drill is footwork and this is very useful. Especially if you don't have someone to practice with. You can do this on your own. As I mentioned briefly before, there are two ways to improve your game in badminton. Learning how to move efficiently and effectively. And learning how to hit the shuttle properly. Essentially, you want to start off close to your base. And your base should be somewhat between the base line and the net.

Maybe a little bit close to the net. And you want to practice moving towards the four corners of the court. So also important, if you're right handed like me, to lead with your dominant leg. In this case my right leg. So I'm just going to show you movements to the four corners of the court. Forehand net shot. Come back to the base. Backhand net shot. Come back to the base. Forehand rear court. Come back to the base. Backhand rear court. Again, I'm going to do it a little bit faster.

Continuous motion. Remember; always come back to the base. Keep those knees bent so you're ready to move in any direction. And that's your basic footwork drill.

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