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4 Argentine Tango Music Suggestions

Learn what music to dance to when dancing the Argentine tango from tango instructors Diego Blanco and Ana Padron in this Howcast dance video.


So now we're going to talk about some music to dance to in the Argentine Tango. So some orchestras or some composers are Anibal Troilo, Osvaldo Pugliese, Carlos di Sarli, Juan d'Arienzo. And so these different orchestras came about at different times. To describe some of them, we can take for instance, beginners like to dance to, or it's easier to dance to Carlos di Sarli because his beat's steady, he has a more elegant feel, so we have a better and easier time. He's not by any means less sophisticated. Juan d'Arienzo's a little faster. He drives the music hard. You know, whenever you're listening to Juan d'Arienzo, you just sort of want to do this with your hands. It's almost like riding a horse, very energized. Troilo for instance has a lot of phrases. All of the music has phrases, but he really interprets the bandoneon in an amazing way. And last but not least, you have Pugliese, who is not really heard to much in the milongas, but usually this is an orchestra that only advanced dancers dance to, because the beat is not as steady as the rest of tango.

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