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7 Floor Craft Tips for the Argentine Tango

Learn about floor craft when dancing the Argentine tango from tango instructors Diego Blanco and Ana Padron in this Howcast tango dance video.


A: So, now we're going to discuss a little bit about Flora edicate.

B: The first thing you have to know is to always dance counter clockwise all the time.

A: So, leaders, make sure that you're left hand faces the inside of the circle as you go around. Just like driving there are lanes; you have the outer lane so the people on the outside have a little bit more experience and will coast the floor and maybe tend to go a little faster. There is also the inside lane and what you want to do is you don't want to cut each other off. You don't want to go into their lane and they don't want to go into yours. And also, you tend to not want to pass anybody. The person in front of you is the person you tend to follow so that there is not any confusion.

B: In order to do that, what you want to do is dance circular in any direction you want. It travels counter clockwise but you can dance circular so if Anne is in front of me I will dance and dance and not try to pass her. But sometimes there are collisions. When you have a collision and are dancing, you want to move with the collision. You don't want to collide, stay there, and fight it off. This is going to kill the mood when you're dancing and the chemistry is gone when you do this. I highly recommend not to do this type of thing. Just rebound from the movement. This is the best option to do.

A: And, time to time as you're leading use your eyes. Look in front of you instead of at the floor all the time or at your partner. Be very much aware of your surroundings; you have to be in the moment with your partner. You're also the vehicle of this dance and also driving us and escorting us around the floor.

B: when you step back in the basic you want to have a small step back because you don't know who's in back of you. So you want to make sure your steps back are very small. Usually the best way is the stay to the side when you go out.

A: When you're dancing with your partner sometimes a follower can help if your partner can't see your back. if you've been dancing for a while and you know your partner sometimes I tend to tap Diego's back and he knows not to step back because somebody is there.

B: Or just hold the leader in back from stepping. Leaders, realize that his is happening and don't push or be macho about it; just realize what's happening.

A: A majority of the time otherwise it's good to just close your eyes and enjoy the ride. And that's the Floor Craft.

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