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What KInd of Clothes & Shoes Are Right for Tango?

Learn the proper clothes and shoes for doing the Argentine tango from tango instructors Diego Blanco and Ana Padron in this Howcast dance video.


Ana Padron : So now we're going to discuss what to wear. So the Argentine Tango, just like it's always been, even from the beginning, has been very fashionable. So with the tango came the slits along the ladies dresses because they made it easier to move around the floor and it's always been fashionable. The tights, the berets, the dresses, very stylish and especially the shoes.

So for the shoes, it is very important that a lady wears a shoe with a strap. The size of the heel is going to be up to you in comfort and the design, of course, is up to your style. I'm wearing polka dots.

So another important thing is that this one's made with a leather sole, so it makes it easier to slide. And what you tend to do, so you have a little grip if you have leather soles, is you could just brush it and create a little bit of friction. But the soles also come in suede, which helps you with the friction.

Diego Blanco: Like so.

Ana: That's a suede sole. So that at the end of the day it's up to your preference and your style.

In a Milonga, which is much more of an elegant dance party, you can dress as elegant as you want but with comfort. Makeing sure that your dresses are not too long ladies because you might have the tendency to step on it and there's a lot to go around. But it is very important that you bring your style, your jewelry, it's all up to you.

Diego Blanco: For the leaders, it depends on whether it's an elegant Milonga. There are Milongas that are elegant and there are Milongas that does not necessarily have to be elegant. Then there's Practicas, which means "to practice" so you don't have to be elegant at all.

Before Tango was very elegant; nice pants, suit, tie, the hair slicked back, you know, presentable. Nowadays, it's a little more loose. If you wear jeans and a nice shirt you probably will be okay in a Milonga, other than if it's a special Milonga.

As far as our shoes are concerned, today I am wearing patent leather but as long as you are able to pivot you are okay with whatever shoe you want to wear. We don't recommend for you to wear shoes that are square. You want to have shoes that are more pointy. This allows you to shape the foot of your follower better when you do Parada, Sacada, many different other steps that you can do in Argentine Tango, but really you want to feel comfortable. You want to have fun with this and enjoy yourselves.

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