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What Is a Milonga?

Find out what a milonga is from tango instructors Diego Blanco and Ana Padron in this Howcast Argentine tango dance video.


So a lot of questions that we receive is what is a milonga. So a milonga means two different things. First there is a milonga which is a dance party that happens every night. And there is the music which is slightly quicker. And milonga's quicker but is a happier music because of it's roots. It's more African based. The dance of a milonga, usually has small steps. Quick steps. You usually don't pause in a milonga. But you can. It's not that you cannot. But usually just don't. And the music itself is quicker and happen. So where's tango has a lot more sorrow and pain, milonga would be a more fun. It has a lot more feeling toward the fun side. But milonga, when you arrive to a tango party, a milonga there are different you know things that you want to look for. For instance, how to read the floor in a milonga. You don't want to just jump in the milonga's dance floor. You want to sit back and look at who are the better dancers and who are in your level so you can have a fun night. And you do this by seeing the way they move in a milonga. So usually there's going to be in a milonga bar. That's one of the things that usually a milonga has to make it a social event. And so you lean back on the bar, you check out the scene, you see who's paying attention to you. And you start reading the floor like this. This is a sign of an experienced dancer. And then once you catch somebody's eye, you will ask them to dance. So another great thing about a milonga is that it is very sociable. Just like going out to a bar, going out to a theater. It's nice to maybe meet up with some friends. How are you doing? A day after work. It's perfect. So sit back, relax. It's also a good way to practice and always be there and practice what you learn the next day from class, from this video. And just be there and practice. But also, during the quartinas, remember just to sit back and watch. Watching is also a great way to learn.

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