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How to Embrace & Keep Space with Your Tango Partner

Learn about embraces and keeping space with a partner from tango instructors Diego Blanco and Ana Padron in this Howcast Argentine tango dance video.


A: Hi! So, today we're going to discuss embraces and how to maintain space between you and your partner.

B: Let's take a look at the close embrace. You walk towards your partner, making sure that you step in between her feet. You offer your arm-

A: And I will connect with him palm to palm.

B: Make sure that you're not tight, you're just embracing. Here you're going to embrace around her waist or the mid part of her back.

A: I will do the same.

B: And we both lean forward a tiny bit toward each other, making the chest connect.

A: By shifting weight to the balls of your feet.

B: Let's take a look at this from this angle; step towards her, you offer your hand-

A: Palm to palm-

B: Embrace around the waist-

A: I'll connect my palm to his scapula.

B: And then our chests meet. Let's take a look at the open embrace. It's pretty much the same thing; you walk towards your partner, you offer your hand, embrace around, but this time we keep a little more space between each other.

A: The connection stays the same. So, you're going to be embracing circularly around your partner, creating a palm to palm feeling and elbows are just slightly relaxed.

B: You want to maintain a type of resistance, not very strong, but you want to feel a type of resistance so that when you're dancing or moving around you don't collapse into each other. Something like this.

A: So, make sure that you maintain the frame by just creating some pressure around your partner's back.

B: This is true for the ladies as well; if you have spaghetti arms, then this becomes difficult when you dance.

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