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How to Have Correct Argentine Tango Posture

Learn the proper posture when dancing the Argentine tango from tango instructors Diego Blanco and Ana Padron in this Howcast tango dance video.


A: So, today we're going to talk a little bit about posture in the Argentine tango. So, for the follower it's very, very, very important -I believe for the leader as well- to keep your spine straight. You should be feeling it all the way from the tip of your spine to your head. When you're going to embrace your partner you like to make sure your whole entire spine shifts slightly to the balls of your feet. That's how we're going to start creating this pyramid effect, slightly.

B: But not so much that you're crunching your toes. The same holds true for the leader; you want to maintain a straight spine. You don't want to be too rigid in army pose position. You want to be relaxed straight and not hunched. So, when you take your partner you want to feel comfortable here and not sleeping on someone. We do share a little bit of the access so we do press against each other a little but it's not hunched, as we said before.

A: And again, that comes from just slightly putting a little bit of weight on the balls of your feet. As far as the posture or the angles of your head it all depends on your style. So, I have the option of slightly looking towards the floor or at this angle towards the hand of my partner. I also have the option of looking over his shoulder. Try to make this connection with your head so that you're not digging your head into your partner. It just happens naturally.

B: And as far as the leader's concerned we are always looking towards the left. In an open embrace you want to avoid looking at your feet, which will hunch you and isn't inviting to your partner. In the early tango, called Canyengue, they danced cheek to cheek with bent knees and a bent back and that type of posture. It evolved with time to a more straight posture.

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