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How to Do the Argentine Tango Rock Step aka La Cadencia

Learn to do the rock step, also known as la cadencia, from tango instructors Diego Blanco and Ana Padron in this Howcast Argentine tango dance video.


Female: Hi. Today we are going to show you the Rock Step or La Cadencia.

Male: Sometimes it is not as (?) as well.

Female: So now what we are going to show you we are just going to show you individually what it would look like as your role. For the followers, if your partner were to be walking, a rock step just happens by bending the knee and making sure that you are shifting your hips over to the balls of your feet. Make sure that you don't start doing an Elvis by shifting your hips up. Make sure that your spine is still straight and you are just shifting your whole spine over the balls of your feet. From there he might push off and keep walking.

Male: For the leaders it is pretty much the same exact thing; you change your weight a couple of times and you hesitate your step. This is a great step to use when there is no space on the dance floor and also to look around at what is happening.

We are going to show you how it works with the walk. You change your weight and as you walk, somebody might be in front of you so therefore, you will Rock Step. You can do it to the other side too. You do not have to do it with the left all the time; you can do it to the right. It is a little more awkward when you do this but Tango is improvisation so you can mix and match. Try not to shift the weight entirely from one leg to another, that is not a Rock Step. A Rock Step uses both legs.

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