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How to Salida in the Argentine Tango

Learn how to do a salida from tango instructors Diego Blanco and Ana Padron in this Howcast Argentine tango dance video.


A: So, a Salida basically is like a door. A door can be an entrance or it can be an exit. What this step is meant for is, you can begin or you can exit using the same step.

B: I'm going to illustrate this with an A count basic. So, mind you we're not going to teach you the A count basic, just what is a Salida. A Salida can be either stepping back as the beginning of the step or it can be stepping aside as the beginning of the step. So that will be the entrance to a pattern. Or, if you solve the basic step you have this solution here: side and feet together. This will be the solution for the snap. It's good to know that you have these options because when you're taking classes from time to time the teacher will say, you can Salida this way and you can Salida that way or you can Salida from a side step and then you will understand what is happening inside the classroom. This is pretty much the usage you have for Salida. Another way to illustrate a Salida is, from A Palata for instance. So, if we have a Palata I'm going to resolve this step by doing a tango close.

A: Or a forward and side step. So, the Salida from here would be: Diego steps forward and side, or the follower will step back and side.

B: So think of the Salida as the glue from one pattern to another pattern. Tango doesn't always have to be improvised in set patterns; there can be a pattern within the pattern within the pattern and at that point they're just all new steps.

A: So, think of the Salida as the period to a sentence. If we're dancing the tango, Diego can use any sequence he wants and I have to follow, and this will be a period.

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