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How to Do the Argentine Tango 8-Step Basic

Learn how to do the eight-step basic from tango instructors Diego Blanco and Ana Padron in this Howcast Argentine tango dance video.


Woman: Hi, so now we are going to show you the 8-step basic. I'm going to teach the follower step and Diego will come back and show the leader step. So the followers begin with their feet together, toes apart. Shifting our weight to the right leg and we're going to step forward, one, two, three, four, cross left over right, five. Keeping your toes closed transfer your weight step back with the right, six, side seven, eight. Begin by shifting your weight to the right and your going to go forward one, side two, back three, four, cross left over right five, toes together, shift your weight back with the right six, side seven, eight. From here just wait for the next signal making sure that you keep your spine straight and weight slightly on the balls of your feet. So now Diego's going to come back and show you the leader step.
Diego: Ok so here it goes. You have a small back step, one, side two, forward step three, forward step four, five, small forward step six, side seven, and change of weight eight. We have, small step back one, side step two, forward three, forward four, cross the lady, change the weight six, seven, change weight eight. From here you can do it again if you wish. Change your weight to your left leg leaders and we have, one, two, step on the outside three, step on the outside four, cross your partner with your torso as you bring your feet together, that's number five, six, seven, eight. If you wanted to repeat this step you again. We have one, two, step on the outside three, four, cross your partner, five, six, seven, and eight.
Woman: When you're doing the eight step basic as a follower make sure you don't start to lead your partner. It's very important that you let the leader be the leader and you be the follower.
Diego: The point that is most important is the cross as a leader. Make sure that you use your spiral to lead your partner and always remember never to use the grip of you hands. So when you get to this position you want to spiral your torso as you bring your feet together. There you have it.

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