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How to Do the Front Ocho in the Argentine Tango

Learn how to do the front ocho from tango instructors Diego Blanco and Ana Padron in this Howcast Argentine tango dance video.


Woman: Hi, so now that we're going to show you the front ocho.

Man: It's an ocho because you make an 8 figure on the floor.

Woman: We're going to take the front ocho from the basic step. So I'm going to begin with the basic forward, side, back, back, cross, and from here I'm going to set the front ocho. I'm going to shift my weight to the left and pivot on my left keeping my chest looking at my partner and my hips facing the next direction. I'm going to step forward. Pivot, make sure to remember what leg you're on, step forward, pivot on the left, forward on the right, pivot on the right, forward on the left, pivot on the left. One more time. And back, back to a salida. I'm going to begin starting from the basic. Forward, side, back, back, cross. And for the cross I'm going to pivot onto my left, keeping my chest towards my partner, step forward on the right, pivot on the right, forward on the left, pivot on the left. On the right and to the left and then your partner might take you to the salida, and that's the front ocho.

Man: We have, from the basic, back, side, forward, forward, we're cross the leg. From here you uncross the leg moving it counter clockwise lead, and you step with her to lead, just step forward, and in your movement in your torso, you want to assimilate an ocho feeling. Once you step on the left you're going to change weight and you're going to exit or salida back to the ocho. And, from the basic, back, side, forward forward, cross your partner, uncross your partner by giving a counter clockwise pivot and step with her. You can do as many of these as you wish. As you come around change weight and you continue to resolution.

[singing in Spanish]

Woman: With your partner to across and from here, turn your shoulders counterclockwise, step, lead your partner, step.

Man: It's moving your feet together because this gives your partner time to pivot. You can do as many of these as you issues, preferably no more than two of them. Three is pushing it. And you have a resolution. Let's take a look at this from another angle. We have from the basic, back, all the way to the cross. Make sure you uncross her first, then you step with her, feet together for both of you. Once you step here, there's a change of weight and then

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