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How to Do the Ocho Cortado in the Argentine Tango

Learn how to do the ocho cortado from tango instructors Diego Blanco and Ana Padron in this Howcast Argentine tango dance video.


Ana Padron: So now we're going to do the Ocho Cortado. From the basic going forward, side, back, back, cross. Your partner will pivot you, take you to a forward ocho. But now he's going to cut. Instead of finishing the turn, he'll cut you and slice you into the cross again, into the Salida. So the Ocho Cortado, again from the basic: forward, side, back, back, cross, he'll pivot you slightly, take you forward, and instead of bringing you back around he'll cut and slice you right back into the cross. And maybe into a Salida. Remember, keeping your back straight, weight over the balls of your feet, and your frame connected.

Diego Blanco: From the basic. Back, side, forward, forward, cross. Now here, as you lead her and uncross her, you're going to take the step back with her as she steps forward. Spiral your body, step in between her feet and then take her and cross her back again. From here, you finish it like a regular basic: forward, side, together. Let's take a look at it from another angle. We have, back, all the way to the cross. Make sure you cross, you uncross, and as she steps forward you follow that and you stop the Ocho from happening. You bring her back to the cross and you resolution with her. Forward, side, feet together. We have. Once again, all the way to the cross. This time, you're going to accompany her forward step. And you're going to stop her right foot. Then, you bring her back to a cross and a resolute. So we have back, all the way to the cross. You want to lead by taking your left shoulder back. You accompany the step, then you lead your partner by opening the door this way. And then you sharply close it.

Ana: [indecipherable 00:02:32]

Diego: From here you can resolution. The Ocho Cortado tends to be done in a quick quick slow. Once again. [indecipherable 00:02:45]. And. Quick, quick slow. One more time? Back.

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