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How to Do the Parada aka The Stop in the Argentine Tango

Learn how to do the parada, also known as The Stop, from tango instructors Diego Blanco and Ana Padron in this Howcast Argentine tango dance video.


Okay. We're going to show you what a parara looks like. Parara means to stop or pause.

So parara, again, we're going to take it from the basic. So I'm going to start with forward, side, back, back, cross. My leader pivots me, takes me out of the cross. I step forward to ocho and he'll stop. I want to make sure that I bring my heels together, toes apart, so my partner can actually stop my right foot in between my instep. So this way I give him space. Then I'm going to step across towards his center and he'll bring me around and we'll face each other. And he can finish it any which way he wants.

So we have side. All the way to an to ocho, forward, cross your partner. Don't forget to uncross them. Now you're going to take that step back with your left and parara her. Now, from here you're going on to wait and allow her to step over your foot as you transfer your weight to your right. From here resolution whichever way you wish to do. Back, side, all the way to the cross, uncross your partner, give a little space. You want to open up. You don't want them very close.

And you'll do that by slightly extending your elbows on the other side. And I will do the same as well.

You want to step with her. This is the foot that you want to parara. So you're going to stop there. Make sure that you do not stop way in here. Yow want to stop somewhere in the middle of the foot.

From here I acknowledge my partner's foot. I'm going to step close, towards the center of his chest and he will displace me and we can keep going.

Notice that I'm transferring my weight to the right leg. From here, we're back in parallel system so we're able to walk. Let's try it from a different angle. We have the basic all the way to the cross. Take a step with her parara this front step that she's taken. Give her a moment to cross over. Step around, transfer your weight here. Transfer your weight and then you continue walking. Let's improvise the step.

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