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How to Do the Sandwich aka El Sanguchito for Argentine Tango

Learn to do the sandwich, also known as el sanguchito, from tango instructors Diego Blanco and Ana Padron in this Howcast Argentine tango dance video.


A: Now, we're going to show you what a sandwich looks like in Tango.
Anna[sp] will show you the follower's part.

B: We're going to take the sandwich from a side step. My leader will send
me side. We're going to do one full back ocho. Then he will stop my leg.
Bring the other leg across to sandwich it. So, you'll have one leg on the
right and one leg on the left. Then he'll stop me and I will sandwich him.
So his legs will be in between mine. And then, he'll lead me to the next

Now, we're going to try from this angle. We'll start from the side step and
do one full ocho back. Your partner will stop you and the sandwich will be
one foot on the right, one foot on the left and you're right in the middle.
Then, he'll go back and you'll sandwich him. Now his legs, his toes, will
be in the middle of your two feet.

Then, you step across and he can lead you to the next steps.

From the leaders perspective, we're going to take it from a back ocho.
So, we take a side step. We pivot the lady. We do one ocho. And we do lead
the next ocho but, we stop. (?) We sandwich her legs so, I am the bread
and she's the meat at this point.

I step back and as I step back, I lead her to come towards me so she can
sandwich my foot so that at this point now, I am the meat and she is the
bread. She comes across as a regular parara would be and I transfer my
weight. From here, your right leg is free so, the usual thing to do is to
take a step back to begin form the basic step.

parara her. Sandwich. Bring her as you take a step back. Move her across.
Step into your left to have the right free.

And try it again. Back. Side. Pivot. Parara the front. Bring her with you.

Now, I step in. I step around and we can re-embrace into a close

Remember, when you do the parara, it's not the foot that's "paraying", but the
fact that you stop your movement. So, don't stop her in this direction over
here. Just stop your movement. Then, come in.

And there you have, a sandwich.

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