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How to Do the Grapevine aka Giro & Molinete for the Tango

Learn how to do the grapevine, also known as the giro or molinete, from tango instructors Diego Blanco and Ana Padron in this Howcast dance video.


Ana: Hi. So, now we're gonna teach you the grapevine or the Giros. So the Giros can be introduced by the leader, any which way. He could take it from any step of the basic, and then we'll do our part. So I'm gonna teach you the Giro for the follower and Diego will come back and tell us different ways to get in an out of it. So since we could take it from any step, we're just gonna get down to business. So a Giro or a grapevine starts with a forward, a side, a back, and it'll repeat itself again, side. And that's a full turn. So it goes forward, side, back, side. And then you can also do it to the other side. So you go side, and it could turn the other way, forward, side, back, side. So let's try it from this angle. So it could start from a forward ocho, forward step, side, back, side. Remember that your partner is at center and you're revolving around him.

Diego: So let's try it from cross position. We're gonna go all the way to the cross position. Difference here is that I'm going to base myself like so. I'm gonna unwind her like a forward ocho, and I'm gonna lead her forward, side, back. When she reaches to the back point, I'm gonna give an ocho lead. Notice that the whole time, I'm in between just swiveling. This is so that you can concentrate on leading your partner and keeping the time. She's reading your time as a leader. Back, and from here, you can close the step. So you go all the way to the cross, and now you're gonna lead a forward step. Leading this is a continuous motion around. So think it like you're hitchhiking around. Right? As you swivel you feet. From here, you're gonna change the direction by leading the back ocho, and you can change it to swivel. You stop the step when she's stepping forward. Change your footwork. And there you have it.

Now, let's try this from a back ocho. It's the same thing, but it's another option that you can do. So, we're gonna go side, you're gonna take a step back, and you're gonna lead a back ocho all around to a front ocho. The lady can play with the foot as Ana did. These are embellishments that we will cover later.

Ana: So I'm gonna make sure that I'm going around my partner. I'm trying to reach to his shoulder where he's leading me. So I'm gonna start to go towards the center of his chest as my guide.

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