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How to Do the Pencil aka El Lapiz in the Argentine Tango

Learn how to do the pencil, also known as el lapiz, from tango instructors Diego Blanco and Ana Padron in this Howcast Argentine tango dance video.


Now we are going to show you the Lapiz. The Lapiz is primarily called a pencil and the gentleman is the one that does this figure or embellishment.

We are going to take it from the Media Luna. You are going to go side, forward. You are going to do this type of figure which is the Lapiz once as you lead her side and forward. Once you stop her there you cross her around and you can continue dancing. Let us try it from a different perspective.

We have side, forward, Lapiz, lead her around Parada, she crosses over and then the step is finished. Let us take a look at it with our partner.

Female: So for the follower we are just going to do the Media Luna and follow our partners.

Male: Side, forward. Start the Lapiz as you lead around, and Parada your leg, like so. Like a regular Parada you lead her to go across as you transfer your weight. Let us take another look.

Side, forward, around to a Parada, forward step, transfer your weight. Let us take it from a side step; and, side, forward, Lapiz as she does maybe a Luna into a Parada, she crosses over, you change her weight. The coordination happens like so; you begin forward, side, she goes side, you bring your feet together to give space for the forward step and then you Parada, foot like so.

Female: And I will acknowledge his foot in a sandwich.

Male: She crosses over, there we go.

[Music plays]

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