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How to Do the Drag aka El Arrastre & La Barrida in Tango

Learn the drag, also known as el arrastre or la barrida, from tango instructors Diego Blanco and Ana Padron in this Howcast Argentine tango video.


Diego Blanco: Okay. So now we're going to show you la barrida, or el arrastre. Barrida means to sweep and arrastre means to drag.
Shall we?

Ana Padron: We shall.

Diego: You're going to step side and give a barrida. Slightly change your weight and lead your partner to a back step. From here, you're going to barrida, or drag, or sweep. Let's take a look at that. When I'm barridaing, we bend the knees, try not to do the Frankenstein. Okay.

Ana: So make sure your knees are bent and your thighs are coming together, so that you give each other space to sweep or drag.

Diego: After you have the barrida, or the drag, bring your follower to a sandwich, cross over and continue to dance. Let's take a look at it from a different angle. Side, barrida. Back step, barrida. A good point to have here is for the follower to maintain the pressure in this direction so that she's not going ahead of me. Or the leader at that point. Sandwich, cross over, change your weight, and there you have it.

Ana: So followers, make sure that you maintain that pressure. And don't go ahead of your partner unless you feel a push or a pull sensation. Again, follow his chest and come around. Re-embrace.

Diego: Find the beat. When you do the barrida in music, you want to hold the suspense, you don't want to make it fast. And so.
You want to move like a cat. There we have it.

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