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How to Do the Cross System Basic in the Argentine Tango

Learn how to do the cross system basic from tango instructors Diego Blanco and Ana Padron in this Argentine tango dance video from Howcast.


Diego Blanco: So now we're going to show you the Cross Basic System. I'm going to show you this step. So we have. Side. We're going to change our weight without leading her into it. We're going all the way to the cross, lead her to the cross. And then resolution it. Like so.

So we have. One, two, change weight, three, four. Cross her on five, six, seven, eight. As you might have noticed, big difference here is that we change weight.

Ana Padron: Only the leaders. The follower stays and waits.

Diego: This changes the cross. From here we drag the foot in a continuous motion to the six, seven and eight.

Ana: Leaders, when you change weight make sure you maintain your partner on her right leg. So you're going to shift and yourself and not shift your whole body.

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