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How to Do the Triple Drag aka Triple Arrastre in the Tango

Learn the triple drag, also known as the triple arrastre, from tango instructors Diego Blanco and Ana Padron in this Howcast Argentine tango video.


Now we're going to show you a triple arrastre. So that means that we're going to show you three arrastres. So, let's try it. We're going to take the space this way. We start it just the same way we started the first one. Lead the lady as if you were leading an [?] back. We have the first arrastre. Now we come and meet together again. Change weight leaders to your left leg, step back, and now she is going to arrastre your leg. Come back, feet together, change waiting to your right leg and repeat the first arrastre we had. We conclude the step the same way we conclude one arrastre. And from the sidestep, parara, back step. Don't forget to bend your knees. Bring your feet together. Now here we're going to change weight. So this leg is going to be free. Once again we lead the lady to a back step as we take a back step ourselves. She arrastres our leg and now come back. Change weight so now our left leg is free. We take a side forward step to come back to that original arrastre we learned. There you have it. Let's try it with the music.
So one of the things that we have to keep in mind is how do we leave the arrastre for the lady to do the arrastre? Because on this first arrastre we just move the follower with our weight, but now in this second one, on the middle one, we need to have the ladies to do the arrastre to us. So now we have to maintain our pressure of our foot that way, not too much because we don't want them to struggle, as we lead a sidestep to the follower. So basically you move her to the side and you allow her to arrastre. Come together. Step together. Arrastre.

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