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How to Do the Carousel aka Le Calecita for Argentine Tango

Learn to do the carousel, also known as le calecita, from tango instructors Diego Blanco and Ana Padron in this Howcast Argentine tango dance video.


Q: OK. Now we're going to show you calecita or a carousel. A carousel is a carousel. You can take it from any step really. You can take it from a side step. You can take it from a forward step. You can take it from a back step. We are going to show it to you from a forward step. So you're going to take your pointer and you're going to switch your weight to your left. You're going to take that step forward. Now, here this is a very important lead. You want to maintain your pointer on her axis. If it's an experienced follower she will not change weight, but if it's an inexperienced follower most likely she might change the weight. So, you give her a little hint: no, this a where you're going to go. And you're going just walk around. The steps have to be the same distance, otherwise, she starts to fall on us. Believe it or not, that's another step, but not now. In a carousel or calecita this is what you want to have. You square off again with her making sure that this is your free leg and you can continue into a basic and so on. So change your weight, step there, make sure she's on the leg you want her to be and then you come around. This is a great time for the follower to do a little embellishment if she wishes to do so. Square off with her, meaning hips and shoulders are in the same line. And you can continue to dance.

A: Followers make sure you maintain your frame in tact having a palm to palm sensation from the palm of his hand to his scapula. As he goes around you want to help him understand where your axis is so he can go around. If your arms are loose, one, you won't follow him and two, he won't know where your feet are in space. And when you're going around make sure you keep looking at the center of his body so you can maintain a small V shape until he squares you off to take another step.

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