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How to Do Planeos for the Argentine Tango

Learn how to do planeos from tango instructors Diego Blanco and Ana Padron in this Argentine tango dance video from Howcast.


Ana Padron: So now we are going to teach you Planeos. Planeos and Calesitas tend to get confusing. So the difference with a Planeo is that your partner will actually lower your level.

Diego Blanco: By lowering his.

Ana: By lowering his and that will create your leg to create a longer stride. But you will still maintain all your weight on one access as he takes you around. So you will maintain this low figure until he changes his level, bringing your feet together.

Diego: When we talk about changes of level we're pretty much talking about following the bend of the knees. If I bend my knees she bends her knees. It is pretty simple. Calecita on the other hand does not have that, as you have seen before. It is a straight figure. Okay? Let's take this Planeo from the forward ochos.

Side, all the way to the cross, into a forward ocho. When she comes into that forward ocho I'm going to step around her and start to walk back. Make sure you don't vary the size of the step as much as possible. And just bring your feet together once you step with the right. And for me you can continue dancing.

So the way the leading works for a Planeo is through your bend of knee. So when I bend my knees she is going to bend her knee. Now, I'm going to step around and maintain that bend of knee as I go down, around. For instance, if I do this, down and come back up, she's going to be in a Calesita. So her leg, her trailing leg will not be long and therefore it will not be a Planeo.

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