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How to Do a Boleo in the Argentine Tango

Learn how to do a boleo from tango instructors Diego Blanco and Ana Padron in this Howcast Argentine tango dance video.



A: Hi so now we are going to teach you Boleo. Now I'm going to teach the followers their step and Diego will come back and teach the lead. So Boleo can either be done forward or back. Today we are going to do back Boleo. Its just going to come from ochos.

So as I take a side step my partner is going to lead an ocho and give me a whipping sensation at the end. One more time. Side. He's going to send and ocho and whip me back around. So there is a opposition happening in the lead which creates this whipping sensation. He can also do it to the other side. Knees together. Side, knees together, opposition in the torso. I'm going to use my arms pressing against my leader's back to have this whipping sensation. Now Diego will teach us the lead.

Diego: This is a type of step that we don't do much but lead. It's very important that we focus our energy on that. We go side, when I place my weight on this leg I send the leg back to her and then immediately bring it back. That brings the whipping action.

So it looks like this. Side bum bah. Your going to go, side the first bam sense as if it was going to be an ocho and immediately I bring it around. Bam bum bah. Like so, side move, move with her.

A: So followers make sure you still have that opposition with your upper body. As my partner takes me side, he'll turn me, and here is the opposition because he's bringing back my body before my legs, creating the Boleo.

Diego: Side, bum bah.


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