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How to Do the Front Boleo aka Castigada in Argentine Tango

Learn how to do the front boleo, aka castigada, from tango instructors Diego Blanco and Ana Padron in this Howcast Argentine tango dance video.


Diego: So now we're going to show you what a Castegata [sp ?] looks like. We call this nowadays a burleo front.

Anna: We're going to take this front burleo [sp ?] or Castegata from a rock step. So the partner will take you into a rock step and as he brings you forward, you bring your feet together and there will be a similar whipping sensation as the Back Ocho but this time knees together and you're going to come around the front making sure your knees stay together and you don't have any space. That it's closed. Yes? So one more time. Side, from a rock step, forward, whipping sensation, and he'll bring you back. Rock step, forward, whipping sensation and he'll bring you back. So the Castegata will look like this. You're going to go from a rock step and using the same opposition to create that whipping sensation that your partner will lead. So making sure that you keep your chest to your partner and you're going to turn your hips and your knees are going to stay together, no space. And that's the forward burleo Castegata. Now Diego will teach you the lead.

Diego: OK. Let's take this from the basic. So we're going to go side, forward into a forward step, rock step, step back with her forward step. Now from that forward step that she takes you, you're going to lead her into a Forward Ocho and as she finds the last moment of the Forward Ocho you're going to step into it to create the Castegata. OK? So, you got rock step, step with her and step around her as you lead her. OK? This is better demonstrated with a partner so let's take a look. Side, forward, forward, rock step to a back step. She does a forward step. Lead into a Forward Ocho and at the last minute-. Let's try that one more time. And at the last minute you come to it by shifting-, by taking a step side. From here you're going to end up on a cross system-based system so you can close with a cross basic. Rock, step, back, lead it, rock, and (?).

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