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How to Do Enrosques in the Argentine Tango

Learn how to do enrosques from tango instructors Diego Blanco and Ana Padron in this Howcast Argentine tango dance video.


Man: Now we're going to show you an enrosque. An enrosque is another embellishment for the leaders. It shows poise and balance, lots of balance, so let's try it. We're going to take just for a moment, the luna. We have side, forward. We're going to pica, or to...

Woman: Tap.

Man: Then we go side then we're going to go forward. Once we go forward into a saccara, we're going to cross our feet and turn only on our left foot, and she steps around, Okay. Let's try that, in one motion.

Pica, around, into a (?) la Bese. This is a good example of a lot of embellishments for the leader. We have side, forward, pica, around, (?) la Bese.

Woman: Followers, remember to always follow your partner's shoulder. That will tell you the speed and it also helps your partner have you as the focus. You will be the focus as you go around your partner.

Man: Leaders, make sure you do not disconnect. Now, what does disconnect look like? Take a look at my shoulders. We're going to pica, and we're going to send our follower, but we're going to stay here, and disconnect them. We do not want to do this. Instead, we want to look heart to heart, the whole time, as much as possible. Let's start with the music.

[music to end]

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