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Pros & Cons of Laser Treatment for Acne

Learn the pros and cons of acne laser treatment from dermatologist Cybele Fishman, MD in this Howcast skin care video.


So there are many lasers now that are used to treat acne. Some of them target the sebaceous gland or the oil gland and the way they work is by shrinking the gland and making it less active. An example of that is the smooth beam laser. Some lasers also use broadband light to try to kill the bacteria that causes acne which is called P. acnes. And one machine called the Isolaz uses broadband light to kill bacteria while also using a suction device to try to clean out pores. To me the main pro of using laser therapy to treat acne is that it's very safe. You can even do it when you're pregnant. The cons are really two. One is that it's not covered by insurance and it can get costly. The second is that we don't have long-term studies that show that laser treatments are gonna put you in a remission so it may be something that you have to continue doing every once in awhile to keep your acne under control. Personally, I think photodynamic therapy with blue or red light is better than laser therapy for acne and that's why I do that in my office. But to me, the more weapons we have to treat acne the better.

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