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How to Cover a Pimple with Makeup

Learn how to use makeup for covering up a pimple from dermatologist Cybele Fishman, MD in this Howcast skin care video.


I think the biggest mistake you can make when trying to cover up acne is just you keep caking on acne thinking that can cover it trying to cover your severe acne so i think there are few things that can help.First of all if u have pimple green makeup can be very helpful in covering the red. Second of all make sure you use non comedogenic and make sure no mineral oil, simethicone, silicon, cyclomethicone these are all things clot black pores. Personally i like mineral makeup like perenium and the reason is more natural, not causing allergy and the give very good coverage without looking cakedown for really severe acne need major coverage i think best way to go is dermoplant which you can buy it in near store that is used to cover fired skin is also used to cover severe acne

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