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How to Get Clear Skin & Prevent Body Acne

Learn the secrets of people with clear skin, and how to prevent body acne, from dermatologist Cybele Fishman, MD in this Howcast skin care video.


So a lot of having great skin has to do with your genes I know that is luck of the draw but there are so many choices that you can make to help yourself have great skin. So don't smoke, get enough sleep, try to decrease stress in your life; it's very hard but its very, very important. You must eat a good balanced diet. I can recommend a great book; it's called The Clear Skin Diet by Dr. Valerie Treloar and Alan Logan; this is a book that taught me a lot of the importance of diet in relation to acne. If you wax your body and you are getting pimples where you wax you need to get a little hydrocortisone cream over the counter a few days after you wax or even better stop waxing, and if you are getting pimples where you shave then you probably need to throw away your razor because it is spreading bacteria around your skin. I also recommend trying to reduce stress in your life which I know is difficult but it is very important, and finally know this you might be doing every thing right and you still have acne then find a dermatologist who you feel you can work with and will help you.

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