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How to Do Katatori in Aikido

Learn how to do katatori from the instructors at The New York Aikikai in this Howcast aikido video.


Also within the grouping of grabs, aside from cata ta tori, a grab in the hand, is cata tori, which is grabbing the sleeve of the shoulder. So the first thing we'll see most often is just a simple cata tori. Very rarely, if ever, do we see an I hon me grab. This is almost always done in yahoo [sp ?]. If it starts in I hon me, your partner will generally come around from behind to grab both shoulders. So- Oops, sorry.

So if he comes back behind me, and grabs both shoulders, then we'll deal with both hands. Now that's regular cata tori. This can also evolve. As soon as my partner touches me, I want to make an aggressive move forward, and strike. Again, I want to slide off the main line of attack. And I'm going to be the aggressor in the situation. As soon as they touch, strike. And my partner needs to block that strike. If they don't, then I just continue to hit, and I win. That's okay. But for this particular series and techniques, as soon as my partner touches me, and strike, you make connection. So I now occupied both his hands with one of mine, and I've got in a free, and available hand to do other techniques.

However, I may need. So again, judging, or dealing with the shoulder attacks, cata tori, cata tori manuche, which is a strike. And then we're going to have lu shiro, variation with both shoulders grabbed. Tata tori.

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