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How to Do Morotetori & Ushiro in Aikido

Learn how to do morotetori and ushiro from the instructors at The New York Aikikai in this Howcast aikido video.


Morote Dori means two hands on one, and Ushiro means from behind. Those are the next two attacks that we're going to show.

Morote Dori, I present my arm as if it were a weapon. It means two hands on one, on my forearm. So, when my forearm is blocked I can't do, for instance, what I did from Katate Dori, a very basic exercise. If she's holding my forearm I then have to move my arm like this. So, it's a very powerful attack and a very powerful kind of way of moving. You have to learn to really relax your arm. She's very strong in here, so I'm moving around where she's strong, Kokyunage again. I could throw her into just another Kokyunage.

So, she's strong here. I push in, I feel this blocking, so I move, and I move around her strength. That's Morote Dori.

The next attack is Ushiro. Ushiro means from behind. There are several attacks in Ushiro. The first one I'll show you is wrist. In these we learn how to move from behind our head which is very counter-intuitive for most people. I have to keep myself connected to my center. If I let my hands get behind me I can't do anything, because it's my arm against her whole body. So I keep my hands in front of me. Come up.

Then she could grab my elbows. Same thing. Again, the space is different. She could grab my shoulders, Kata. I have to move. These are from motion. Then there's Kubishime. She's trying to choke me. I put my chin down. I lock my wrist to my shoulder. And I move out.

Ushiro Kubishime, she's going to grab my gi and try to choke me. I have to put my chin down, drop her elbow, and turn with her strength. Ushiro Kubishime, choke.

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