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How to Do Udekime Nage in Aikido

Learn how to do udekime nage from the instructors at The New York Aikikai in this Howcast aikido video.


Udekime Nage means arm extension. Okay. We're going to start from a very basic position called [inaudible 0:00:10.5]. We're actually in the same position, but it's opposite, because we're facing each other. What I want to do is extend my partner's arm. I'm working on this balance point. And then I'm going to move straight in front of her legs, and extend her elbow, hyper extend her elbow, and throw her.

So, this is my opening. She's off balance, right? I'm in a great position, here. And then I see my path. As I move, I do the oppositional movement of bringing her wrist down and putting my...hyper extending her elbow. So here, I have her balance up. She's uncomfortable, and then I take her down. Now, the Ura version would be the same tack. I'm going to turn, right, from say Yokomen and do the same thing. Actually, that's my Shiho Nage opening. I get her balanced again. We learn different attacks in Aikido, so that we can learn about space, and how we manage our space. So, my Atemi, I want this strike to complete. OK? Udekime Nage.

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