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How to Do Sumi Otoshi in Aikido

Learn how to do sumi otoshi from the instructors at The New York Aikikai in this Howcast aikido video.


Okay, this technique is called sumi otoshi, which translates as "corner drop." So if we start from a basic yaku hami kate tettori position, again, hand grab. I'm going to make a movement off line. As I move off line, I'm going to take his elbow and I'm literally going to put it on the floor, towards what's considered my partner's back corner. Hence the name. So if we're looking at my partner's basic stance and balance, put the hand here. He's not terribly off-balance. But I want to aim for the missing leg of the third tripod, so to speak.

So I want to put the elbow down and behind my partner. So it's a hand grab, move off line, step forward as I put his hand on the floor. And off line. You're leaning forward. You can also start the movement again with a basic Kino hanko movement. Have your partner come all the way around and then down.

From other attacks, let's show minuchi. Ski. Sumi otoshi. Corner drop.

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