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How to Do Yonkyo in Aikido

Learn how to do yonkyo from the instructors at The New York Aikikai in this Howcast aikido video.


Next technique we're gonna show is Yonkyo or, number four in the series that our Sensei established. If we work with an Aihanme Gyakutetori, or cross-hand grab. We're gonna start the technique like we would from Ikyo. Our hands come up. Move my body forward and turn to get my partner's balance. And lift this all up in front of me so I'm looking at the underside of my partner's forearm.

The side that my partner's thumb is on, I'm gonna use the knuckle on my index finger and place it right alongside the bone that's in my partner's forearm. And I wanna use the pressure from this knuckle to point my partner's elbow towards the floor. There's a, series of nerves that run right alongside the inside of that hand, that if you catch them just right, it kinda feels like you stick your finger in a light socket so this does sting once you find it. Up, over, lift my partner's arm so I'm staring at the bone and the set of nerves that I'd like to attack. My other hand, again, using the index knuckle of my other hand right against the bone of the forearm.

Use that pressure to point the elbow at the floor. And to finish this pin, I'm gonna put my foot right up underneath my partner's shoulder and wrap his arm around my knee as I continue to apply the pressure. Good. You can find this technique from, again, any other attack or position would be to find Ikkyo, so show Menuchi. Yokomen. Moritetori. Right. Yonkyo. Number four.

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