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How to Do Kotegaeshi in Aikido

Learn how to do kotegaeshi from the instructors at The New York Aikikai in this Howcast aikido video.


Kotegaeshi is the next technique we're going to take a look at. It literally means wrist twist. If you start with kakataetori. I want to step offline and away from the attack. Ten kon. Bring the hand in front of me. The free hand is going to rest right on top of my partners. Take a look. I've got my thumb right in between the ring and pinkie finger. My fingers inside the palm. As I step back and my partner turns to face me, I want to match my fingers right on top of my partners and point all of this at the floor as I move. Turn the hips. Fingers down to the floor. Make sure I've got the hand position. Ten Kon. Then I take one more step back and match fingers to fingers, when all of that is right at the floor. Down. We can also see this from ski. Same movement. Same movement. Yokomunushi will change things a little bit, but the basic technique, still there. Kotegaeshi. Wrist twist.

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