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How to Do Kubishime in Aikido

Learn how to do kubishime from the instructors at The New York Aikikai in this Howcast aikido video.


Kyokushin generally refers to a choke of some sort and we will generally hear this term in reference to an attack that we are experiencing so if my partner were to attack in Shirp Kyokushin, the Shiro is behind. Kyokushin is the choke. In this particular instance, it's going to be the Nagay, or the person doing the technique that's going to be executing the choke. Now this is not something that you're going to experience in every dojo, certainly not in the beginning, but the more time I train in Ikito, the more I begin to appreciate the chokes.

So if we were to start with a very basic Yako honmi, a good position to start in is the way we would start Aringinate. So anyway that I can get behind my partner, continue to move, Aringinate we would lift and project. If we're interested in finishing withKyokushin, behind my partner and around, lift and continue to wrap all of this up and down. So this is typically considered to be a rear naked choke. You'll see this in everything from judo wrestling to jujitsu but we use it quite often here in Ikoto as well. Around, lift. I'm going to take my own bicep, go left hand around and put the pressure against the back of my partner's head. I'm going to think about dropping my elbows together and take a deep breath so your chest expands behind your partner's head. Get's tight.

Some of the other forms that we can see in Kyokushin, you can start ikill. I can take the ghee from the other side of my partner's throat, up and under. Insert my knee real tight and take the ghee from this side, push my partner all the way through show here, Shomenochi, directly up underneath. Hands together, pull. All right? So these are just some of the variations that you'll see most commonly so from Shomenochi, you'll see the more rear naked type of choke. We'll see a ghee-oriented chokes. Another ghee that we can use. All right? So there's lots of variations of chokes. You'll see them in many different martial arts. We will typically use the ghee or just the hands in any variation that we use. Very effective at any rate. So Kyokushin, chokes.

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