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How to Do Tanto Tori in Aikido

Learn tanto tori -- how to defend an attack with a tanto, or knife -- from the instructors at The New York Aikikai in this Howcast aikido video.


Another group of techniques that you'll see quite often in Aikido is
tanto dori. This is the group of techniques that deals with how to take
a knife away from a partner. So a tanto, being the smallest weapon that
we use, also creates a fair amount of danger because your partner's
going to be very close with that weapon.

So a lot of the techniques involved in tanto dori tend to be a little more aggressive in order to completely diffuse the situation. So if we start with a tanto. Again, the very basic initial starting point for a lot of these attacks is
going to be ski. So again we're looking at a punch or a stab directly
to the stomach. Alright.

And again, as in any Aikido technique, the most important thing for me is to get offline and away from the initial attack. We've seen korogashi before, or wrist-twist without the weapon, and this can be directly applied to tanto tori. The way that this would differ a little bit from open-hand techniques is because my partner has a knife. As the strike comes in I can use that weapon both to influence
his movement, and I also need to be aware that I want to keep the weapon
away from my partner. I'm not going to sit down to create the pin in
this situation. I want to stay standing and remain with the weapon.

Another variation we see a lot, ijiki mai, or another one of the elbow
techniques and this is specifically designed to make sure that your
partner's weapon hand is immobilized. So this is a point where you want
to apply subtle and constant pressure. Try not to break the arm but you
want to apply the pressure until your partner needs to drop the weapon and then you can get rid of your partner. Again, from the other side. Again,
control the weapon, open the space up directly underneath against the
elbow, take your wrist, and squeeze. Alright.

You also see a fair amount of chokes, and immobilizations from this point. Lift. Before we went under the elbow, this time we're going to continue all the way around, and wrap the neck up. In order to remove the knife we're going to step
back and drop on the closest knee, and apply pressure to the elbow
against my knee that's up until your partner drops the knife. Alright.

One other komichi mai technique that you'll see quite often. To the side, all
the way around, and take the Gi from the other side, and separate.
Again, down the closest knee, pressure on the elbow. So one more time. So tanto tori.

These are just some of the most common techniques you'll
see against a knife and how to remove it from your partner, or several
others, which generally pertain to open-hand techniques. But these are
some basic beginning points on tanto tori.

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