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How to Do Jo Tori in Aikido

Learn jo tori -- how to defend an attack with a jo, or staff -- from the instructors at The New York Aikikai in this Howcast aikido video.


Another group of techniques that you will run into as your Aikido training progresses is Jo Tori, and this is how to deal with a partner that has a weapon, namely the Jo. So, we're are going to deal with how to take the Jo away from the partner, and then also at one point in time during jo tori, when I am holding the jo and my partner is trying to grab it from me.

If we start with the jo, we'll generally begin with my partner holding the jo and performing a series of attacks, again which are similarly enough to the open hands techniques. We can see the same principles apply. So one of the first that we will see is ski. So this is just like open hand technique if he was going to punch to the leading side, this is like ski.

So in any Aikido technique the most important thing is to get off line and away from the strike. The first thing I need to do is be aware of how I am moving my body away from the strike. I want to make contact with the weapon or the hand, take control and bring it my side. Lift, and project. Just as in with the other weapons, I always want to end up holding the weapon at the end of the technique.

So his first technique is considered Kokyunage. I always end up with the Jo. Kai ten. Hold the weapon to my side and take control, lift, and separate. I can also move to the imoti side in front. Lift, take the jo from underneath, and project. Again, I end up with the weapon.

Again, move to the imoti side, and project. I can also receive and project back where he came from. Interested in crossing my partners arms, here, and project forward again. Now, if we were to take a look at jo tori in terms of when I am holding the weapon, my partner's coming to get it, so either grab with one or both hands, and this is a great way to demonstrate how not to fight with your partners strength. He is grabbing into the jo, I don't want to try to pull or move my partner, I want to leave that contact point where it is, move around it, and project out and away, and also avoid it altogether. Take the feet, and also create some wrist locks and pins and immobilizations.

So jo tori consist of me holding the weapon, or in an instance where my partner is holding the weapon and attacking. So jo tori.

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