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How to Do Tachi Tori in Aikido

Learn tachi tori -- how to defend an attack with a tachi, or sword -- from the instructors at The New York Aikikai in this Howcast aikido video.


Okay. So we're going to cover a couple of the basic points of tachi-dori, which is a general idea of how to deal with an opponent with a weapon, namely a sword, or a bokken, a wooden sword in this instance.

Again, the general basic attack is an overhead strike, shomen uchi. Alright, and just like with open hand techniques, my biggest concern is to get off line and out of the way of the attack. I also want to deliver a response attack at that point. A bokken isn't terribly large, and a sword is thinner, so it's a very small weapon. I don't have to make giant movements. So as the strike comes in, I don't have to make a very large movement to get out of the way. A sword is fairly small. You don't leave this hand in the way so that it gets struck. Off line, keep this hand by your side.

This basic technique, as I strike from above, follow all the way down, and I'm going to grab the sword in between my partner's hands, drop your weight and extend as you tankan, and drop all the way to the floor, eyes should remain with the sword. From the side, strike, follow all the way down the front of your partner's body and take the sword between his hands, drop and extend, lift, and drop again.

You can also use a few more basic techniques that we've seen in open hand. Take the hand on top, fall all the way over for kote gaeshi. I want to keep the sword, all the way around, and remove. Now, the technique we can use, cut down, take the wrist, direct the sword, and if he doesn't want to get his toes cut off, he needs to move. All the way through, under, shiho nage. Again, I've ended up with the sword.

Down in the middle, turn my partner's sword and cut, step through, I should remain with the sword while my partners on the floor. Another one we can use, cut, place my hand on the back of the sword as I grab the handle, cut straight up my partner's center, as you move away. This one, you want to keep your distance. Cut, on top, lift up and away. Good.

These are just a few of the very basic techniques that you'll end up seeing in order to remove a bokken from your partner's hands, considered tachi-dori.

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