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Can Anyone Do Aikido?

Learn if you need to be at a certain fitness level to do aikido from the instructors at The New York Aikikai in this Howcast aikido video.


Aikido is perfect for any age. We have kids coming to practice. We have
children's classes. All our classes are open to any level. That's one of
the great things here, you're liable to practice with somebody who's a
sixth degree black belt when you come in as well as somebody who just maybe
starting off at your own time. We have people in their teens, in their
20's, their 30's, going up to age 78.

we accommodate everybody and the atmosphere here is that you'll be able to
develop as fully as you can give whatever physical shape you're in coming
in and we think that's what makes this such a great place and so unique. I
think mentally people usually feel very exhilarated during class and after
class. We don't know what it is, but there's something that happens to you
as you start to absorb the energy around you.

You get to use the energy that you have in a very positive and a very
flowing way. You build up a great deal of breath, of balance and the
ability to use power the way we use it here.

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