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How to Do Aikido with the New York Aikikai Dojo

Learn about the New York Aikikai Dojo, Howcast's Aikido experts, in this video.


The New York Aikikai was actually set up as a club back at 1962 started at as a club at Columbia University with few people who share some experience in martial arts they will able to locate somebody who has some exposure in the Pan after world war II. Aikikai was relatively unknown martial arts here. The club located moved to downtown in 93 and thousands of members of that club applied to Headquarter in Tokyo. The Aikikai foundation and have student instructor to be sent out. That was in 1964 and Yoshimitsu Yamada, who was an original student or home student of O-Sensei , founder of Aikido sent over here really that one dojo took off, one of the Dojo's in the world outside that was headquaters in Tokyo. We get huge amount visitors from visitors all over the country and around the world coming in here. The major hub of Aikido in the United States worldwide.

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