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How to Intensify & Modify Glowing Lines in Photoshop

Learn how to intensify and modify glowing lines from trainer Scott Strong of The Training Farm in this Howcast Photoshop tutorial, part two of two.


Next what I want to do is I want to punch that up a little bit so I'm just going to duplicate the layer. On my keyboard I'm going to hit command-I to invert the color and then I'll change the blend mode over to overlay. Now this is nice. What we have going on here is we have a little bit of a light ref going on on the model herself but we want to have a little bit of reflection going on on her body. So what I'm going to do is I'm going to create a second layer here. And on this layer I'm going to create a selection in the areas where the glowing lines are above her body.

Next what I'll do is I'll go to filter, render, clouds. And because I have black and white selected I get a black and white greyish tone here. Go to select, deselect. Next I'll go to filter, blur, gaussian blur. I just want to soften that out a bit. 27 looks pretty good.

Next what I'll do is I'll go to filter, filter gallery. There's a pretty cool effect here called plastic wrap right here and that's what it does. I'll just hit OK.

Finally what I'll do is I'll go to the blending modes on the layer and I'll change it over to color dodge. This looks good, but I need to have it a little bit tighter and closer to the line. What I'll do next is I'm going to create a layer mask with black selected in the foreground color. I'll use my brush tool and I want a soft brush for this. I'm just going to brush out some of the excess area in here.

That's how to create multicolored glowing lines in Photoshop.

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