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How to Change the Background Color in Photoshop

Learn how to change the background color from certified trainer Scott Strong of The Training Farm in NYC in this Howcast Photoshop tutorial.


Hey, this is Scott Strong, certified trainer from The Training Farm. I'm going to show you how to add color in Photoshop.

Sp what I'm going to do, in order to add colors to this, we need to change the mode of the image from grayscale over to colored mode. So I'm going to go up here to image, mode, and as you can see, it's already set to grayscale. I'm going to switch it over to RGB color.

Next, what I'm going to do is I'm going to add an adjustment layer. So I'm going to the adjustment layer button, and I'm going to go to curves. And what I want to do for this is I want to add a little bit of some red to it. We'll start to move our highlights over into the red area. Maybe push our midtones in. Go over to the green so we can get some green in there. Maybe yellow it up a little bit. Just have to really push those midtones. Try to get something of a skin tone for her.

Next, what I want to do is I want to mask that off. I don't want the entire background to be colorized. So each adjustment layer comes with a layer mask, so I'm going to choose my brush tool. I can choose that by hitting B on my keyboard. And next, what I'm going to do is I'm going to choose a brush that I can use. So I'm just going to get one of these right here. And I'll change the hardness up maybe to about 30 percent. And maybe I'll change the size up a bit more so I can brush on a pretty wide area. So what I'll do is I'll just kind of brush along the perimeter of the girl here. Starting out, maybe I'll make an even larger brush to make it go a little faster.

Next, what I'll do is I'll grab the polygonal lasso tool. And I'm just going to lasso around her. Next, what I'll do is I'll go to select inverse, and that's going to select all the pixels outside of that selected area. And I'm going to go to fill, foreground color, hit okay and then select deselect.

And now what I'll do is I'll return to my brush tool and just kind of get in a little bit closer on the edge of the girl. Maybe feather this out a little bit up here. If I run out of space I can always expand the canvas a little bit so I can paint up here at the top. Try to eliminate some of this glow around her.

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